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So what is this book all about?

In short, it’s all about taking charge of your life to enjoy all the good things life can offer. It’s about sorting it all out and making sense of this crazy world we live in. It’s mainly about staying strong and commanding your future.


It is easy to become so involved in life’s drama and to lose sight of what’s really important to us. This is your chance to take a step back and renegotiate your position. Refresh the data bombarding your mind and gain a new perspective. It’s like a vacation in a book, if you will. Hopefully, by taking a fresh look at life, you may realign your thinking to achieve more rewarding experiences.

This book contains actionable tools so you can;

  • have a better understanding of how your body works and how you can take much better care of yourself with very little effort;

  • become less dependent on drugs and costly treatments that don’t work;

  • become more relaxed and confident;

  • understand the three major types of stress, what makes them different, how they affect you, and specific ways of effectively managing each of them;

  • maintain sanity in a seemingly insane world;

  • purposefully change your brain wave patterns to learn faster and improve test performance;

  • eliminate fear and accomplish almost anything;

  • overcome difficult relationships and learn how to identify the type of people you need to eliminate from your life;

  • objectively evaluate almost any negative situation in your life and deploy a simple yet very powerful three-step process in making the right decision to overcome it;

  • immediately and dramatically improve your sex life by simply repositioning your mind (not your body);

  • take command of and instantaneously improve almost any relationship;

  • become part of the very small percentage of the population with an endless supply of money and the real reason why you may not be in that select group today;

  • understand how the rich got that way and exactly what you have been doing wrong and specific ways to redesign your approach to money;

  • immediately stop your poverty mentality and start changing your relationship with money today.

You can be financially free, enjoy good health with less dependence on drugs, and have loving, rewarding relationships. It’s your choice. You create your life every moment of every day. With the right frame of mind and the right tools, the possibilities are endless.

Own the tools to make a lasting improvement in your life, your family and your world.


If you really have the desire to be free, you will need to do what it takes to get back in control of your life and leave your excuses behind.

You will need to make a change.


Einstein said, “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them.” Therefore, you will need proven tools from an outside source so you can grow into your true potential.



Three KEY areas of life that must be in balance before we can grow. Learn how to avoid the common trap of losing to one while pursuing another.


Take a Positive Step to making this The Best Year EVER!

All 5 Star Reviews!

I’ve read other excellent self-help books before that were helpful; however Stop the Rain Dance brought it all together for me. It offers a practical integration of basic principles into a cohesive blend which I feel could apply to almost anyone. I truly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the sequel on money and finances.


Maleta Dunne


Excellent book. I was captivated. I loved it so much I recommended to my adult children.


Ralph Sweitzer  


This book is a great practical guide to some of life’s toughest situations it covers most of the little matters as well as some more complicated problems. I believe this book can make life easier for almost anyone. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to add to their own practical knowledge.


Bill Allen


Wow – I have read many ” how to” books on life, but never one as cogent and succinct as this one! I am recommending it to all of my friends! I especially want my children to get a copy. Instead of learning through the School of Hard Knocks, why not do “it” right the first time? A MUST READ!

Bob Brown


Truly a game plan to follow, by which to lay out the tapestry for your life. A step by step instructional which requires no special ability than to live, eat and breathe by simple principles… enjoying every moment of time. Dr. Stagl teaches us that slowing down and being present can be uplifting and the key to success encompassing the many facets of our complex society. A must read!


Lana Kraguljac


Dr. Stagls’ transparency, shared through life experiences, both professionally and personally, shine throughout this book full of little nuggets of wisdom that are so simple, transpiring into life changing revelations. Wisdom that is so full of honesty and simplicity that you will find yourself saying “I get it”! Dr. Stagl states “Know that you don’t know.” Wow! A small statement, if acknowledged, will transform your life with your spouse back to the time when you first fell in love, how you view money and what you do with it, and feel better physically than you have in years. I found this book to be truly inspiring as each time I picked it up, I found profound truths jumping off the pages at me every time. Not only the first time I read this book, but the second time and the third time I found myself learning something new, making me keep this book handy to read over and over again.


Lisa K. Boggs


OMG, I loved it! I’ve been telling everybody about it. In fact, the first thing I did was give the book to my daughter. This was so easy to understand and I could really relate to it. Dr. Stagl has a great way of simplifying things, so I found myself saying “This is not out of my reach…I can do this!”


Joanne Spindel


Spent a very enjoyable evening reading Stop the Rain Dance. Have read many self help and motivational books over the years and found this as one of the best. Clear, concise and easy to recall new perspectives and different ways to view life and all if brings. I think this is a book that one will recall often and I suggest that you read it, at least twice. I am looking forward to recommending this work to all my friends. Well written, insightful and a work that allows you to draw off of your own experiences, it feels very comforting to read the words and feel their impact. Looking forward to any follow up books.


Tom Ciurej


I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t stop reading it. Really pleasurable, fun and very useful head clearing book. I highly recommend it.

Tom DeAngelis


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More Info

ABOUT Dr. Stagl

When it comes to finances, Dr. Stagl emphasizes that over 90 percent of the population see money as a means to buy goods and services, yet the remaining few percent control the majority of the money in the world. He has struggled with money most of his life and shares with you what he discovered as a huge paradigm shift in how the rich perceive money compared to the rest of us. With Stop the Rain Dance, Dr. Stagl unveils the answer to this age-old riddle so that you can see for yourself what you may need to do differently to achieve total prosperity.

Having been in the health care sector all his adult life, Dr. Stagl shares some fundamental secrets in achieving and maintaining vibrant health from the inside out. His book opens new doors to understanding stress and shares effective methods to keep it under control. You may reduce your dependency on drugs by following his basic principles for a healthy mind and body, and get back in control of your health.

Relationships can be one of our most challenging areas in life. Understanding one simple rule can change how people perceive you. Dr. Stagl explains how you choose to be a passenger or the captain in any relationship, which ultimately determines its direction. Learn how to be in control of your relationships without being controlling. Learn how to experience bliss with your partner when and where you choose without compromising your values.


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