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ABOUT Dr. Stagl

When it comes to finances, Dr. Stagl emphasizes that over 90 percent of the population see money as a means to buy goods and services, yet the remaining few percent control the majority of the money in the world. He has struggled with money most of his life and shares with you what he discovered as a huge paradigm shift in how the rich perceive money compared to the rest of us. With Stop the Rain Dance, Dr. Stagl unveils the answer to this age-old riddle so that you can see for yourself what you may need to do differently to achieve total prosperity.

Having been in the health care sector all his adult life, Dr. Stagl shares some fundamental secrets in achieving and maintaining vibrant health from the inside out. His book opens new doors to understanding stress and shares effective methods to keep it under control. You may reduce your dependency on drugs by following his basic principles for a healthy mind and body, and get back in control of your health.

Relationships can be one of our most challenging areas in life. Understanding one simple rule can change how people perceive you. Dr. Stagl explains how you choose to be a passenger or the captain in any relationship, which ultimately determines its direction. Learn how to be in control of your relationships without being controlling. Learn how to experience bliss with your partner when and where you choose without compromising your values.


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